New Product Announcement “Strategy Long Strangle”

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2 min readSep 14, 2023

We are very excited to announce the release of our new product.

Name: Strategy Long Strangle

Supported Chains: Arbitrum( @arbitrum ), Base( @BuildOnBase )

Token Pair: ETH/USDCe, ETH/USDCe.ex, ETH/USDbC

Hedge Interval: 24 hours

Squart/Strategy: 2 (If you buy 1 Strategy Token, you take a Long Strangle position equivalent to 2 Squarts with delta neutral)

Usage: If you believe the market will move soon, consider purchasing!

Section 1: Details of the Strategy

What does “Squart/Strategy: 2” mean?
Given that it’s a Long Strangle, try entering Size 2 in the Isolated screen.

For Leverage 1, the details are as follows:

- Margin Utilizing: 16.15

- Margin Amount: 96.92

- Live until estimated: 222.0 days

Thus, Size 2 signifies 200 Squarts. With an isolated margin of $96.92, you’re obtaining 200 Squarts, which translates to 200/96.92 = 2.06.

With “Squart/Strategy: 2”, it can be said that this is close to a Leverage 1 situation. This position will undergo a Delta hedge every 24 hours.

Section 2: Profits from Strategy Long Strangle

We regret to inform you that the value of Strategy Long Strangle decreases daily

. This is due to the daily payment of premiums. However, occasionally, its value can surge dramatically, especially when the price of ETH fluctuates. Of course, there might be times when the market remains stable, leading to continued depreciation.

Here are the performance figures since August 24th. The trend appears as follows.

We encourage you to give it a try! If you have any feedback, please share it with us on Twitter or Discord.

Note: Predy Finance is in beta and undergoes audits through a bug bounty program. Any use is at your own risk and responsibility.



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