Predy v5 Tutorial (3) Strategy

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2 min readSep 5, 2023

before trading, you need to connect your wallet.
you don’t have to deposit to Vault for Strategy and Lending.

  1. chose a Trading Pair
  2. chose Buy or Sell
  3. set amount of Strategy

then you can see how much you need to pay to hold the Strategy, and also you can check the performance which is based on UTC.

in this case, you can earn $1000 x 0.11%=$1.1 a day!! and $190.8 as yearly!!
Predy’s Strategies are auto delta hedged. when the market moves over 7%, Delta in the position will be changed automatically as a hedge.

4. click Approve, then connecting to your wallet.

5.when Deposit got dark blue, click Deposit.

Voila, it’s done! your position is in the Trade History.

when you want to close your position, in this case, buy 1000 amount of Strategy, then your asset will be back to your wallet.

if you want to know more about Predy v5, go to this Post!

Our brand new version Predy v5 -The Time for Expansion is Now!



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