Predy v5 Tutorial (4) Lending and Portfolio

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2 min readSep 5, 2023

before Lending, you need to connect your wallet.
You don’t have to deposit to vault, just connect your wallet to our network.

then, you come to this.

  1. chose a Currency pair
  2. chose which Asset to lend
  3. chose Deposit
  4. set amount of Asset

Base APY means interst rate you can get from Lending the Pair yearly.
ETH/USDCe.ex has more better rate than ETH/USDCe, you can find the difference of those two pairs on this post.

Ambitious solution “ETH/USDCe.ex” -What can DeFi offer?

then, click Approve and Deposit. after transaction, you can find your Trade History under the chart.

when you want to withdraw, set the same amount of Asset and chose Withdraw, then the Asset will be back to your wallet.


There’s Portfolio on the menu bar.
We made this Portfolio page as a new function. Since we’re offering now many products, so that you can always check all your positions data here. also easy access to the product from like here.



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