Tutorial : How to trade on Predy v6

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4 min readFeb 27, 2024

If you have USDC.e (Bridged USDC) and ETH, you need to swap your coin to the Native Coin. If you have the Native Coin already, you can skip to №2.

1. Swap your USDC.e (Bridged Coin) to USDCoin (Native Coin) at Uniswap

( the fee is around 0.1%, they requires the gas as well )

Select the network “Arbitrum” on the right corner.

Search and select your coin on the “You pay” token.

Search and select USDCoin (Native Coin) on “You receive” token.

Then, put the amount of Token you want to swap and connect your wallet.

And, Swap!

When it succeeded, you come to this!

2. Connect your Wallet and get ready for Perp trade

On Predy V6, you don’t have to put your token to the Vault.
Just connect your wallet and then, you can start your trade!

So, let’s see together.

Access Predy V6.

These wallets are supported.

When it’s connected, select the Perp on the menu bar.

Then, you can order on the right column.
There are 2 types of order, Market and Limit.

Market order is you can entry immediately with the current price.
Limit order is you can set your order in advance with the price you want to entry.

3. Make a trade with Market order

From the above, you can choose ①Levarage and ②Amount.
As you change them, you can see your order balance at ③.

So, in this case, you will make an Long-order for 50% of WETH (3.436 WETH) with 20x Leverage at 2910.71.

③ shows that you need 500.05 USDC, and your position will be closed at 2820.48.

And click Approve USDC! Your order will be confirmed.
You can check your Position, Order history and Trade under the chart.

When you want to close your position, click “Close” in your position list.

And, click the “Close Position”.

Then, you can check in Trades if it’s closed.

4. Make a trade with Limit order

Now, let’s try Limit Order.
It’s almost same as Market Order, but you can set the price to entry.

In this picture, the current price is 3036.04. You can set the price to entry at ①, and also can see the detail of the order at ②.

It shows your order will be confirmed when the price hits 3010, and will be closed at 2916.69.

Your order is always shown in the Open Orders, and you can cancel it anytime here.

Predy v6 offers also swap trading too!

After connecting your wallet, you can just Buy or Sell WETH.

It’s also NO GAS and NO VAULT!

Enjoy your Trade!

Predy v6 is still hyper beta version yet, and it will be added on more functions and products later. We’d love to hear any feedback from you! Please post on our Discord!!



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